First Day

After a slow but steady journey we arrived, cars full to the brim and children who were bursting with excitement!
Check in was straight forward, and we made our way over to our pitches.
Luck was on our side as the sun was shining and there wasn’t a raindrop in sight…… First time we have ever pitched our tents in dry weather!!!!
It was all going well, footprints were out and pegged in and tents were up fairly quickly. The Woods tent needed a bit of fine tuning but not a bad attempt at all considering it was there first time.
Once we were all up and ready, we just had the rest of the car to unpack and the furniture etc to set up….. Quite a lot to do, but the kids were scooting around and playing football, table tennis etc so at least we got to do it in peace and quiet!
Tents all set up, it was time for tea so off we went to the insure cafe for something to eat. The food, as expected, was a little expensive, but it was lovely and portions were huge!!!
After tea, it was all back to The Woods….. Andy had his laptop set up for the Olympics so we all say together and watched Team GB pick up the Gold medals…….Go Team GB!
Well, after a busy day it’s time to say goodnight. As I lay in my new camp bed (no blow up mattress anymore) I’m nice and snug and warm and all that’s left to do is type up my blog entry. I can hear the faint patter of raindrops, but I don’t mind because I’m in bed and it’s better than listening to Matt snoring!!
Hopefully everyone has enjoyed today and the fresh air will mean a good nights sleep for us all.
Let’s hope the rain passes and we wake up to more sunshine tomorrow!




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