Day Two

Well, after a nice lazy morning we cooked up a lovely breakfast of sausages, eggs, bacon, beans and toast…….quite a banquet considering all we have is a single gas stove and a George Foremen grill ( ok so it’s cheating a little bit! ) but everyone was nice and full and ready for the day ahead!
There was quite a heavy shower, but it cleared up quite quickly and the sun was soon shining – that’s how it remained for the rest of the day. It seems as though we escaped all of the rain back home.
Anyway, after washing up, everyone showered and dressed for the day ahead…….the showers and toilets here at Chestnut Meadow are immaculate, they are so clean and remain that way all day! My one issue about camping is dirty or horrible toilets, hence the reason I trawl the Internet for hours at a time to find the perfect campsite and this one really is perfect in every way!
So, what to do today? As the sun was out, we decided to take a drive down to Bexhill and go for a walk along the beach. The kids were having fun running along on the pebbles down by the sea, throwing stones into the water and posing for the occasional picture. We stopped for an ice-cream and a nice cold drink and then made our way back to the car.
Then it was off to Tesco to pick up some food for the BBQ and back to the campsites. Stocked up with sausages, burgers and wine we headed back to the tent to enjoy the afternoon sun. The children went off scooting around the site, had a game of table tennis, a game of air hockey and some more scooting! The adults meanwhile sat in the sun enjoying the peace and quiet while the children entertained themselves with good old fashioned activities.
Soon it was time to start the BBQ, so the girls got on with preparing the salad while the boys got the fire burning and then the coals ready to cook. We enjoyed a lavish spread and were lucky enough that the rain held off with only a few tiny drops of rain that didn’t turn into anything…..thank goodness!
With tea done and dusted, the washing up done and wine drunk it was time for the best part of the evening – toasting the marshmallows!!!!! We had to poke the coals a little to make them last a bit longer, but we were soon enjoying squishy marshmallows. Nothing quite like an Alfresco tea.
Now we are all in the tent, watching the Olympics on Andy’s laptop, enjoying the events of the day and relaxing with another cup of tea. The boys are making shadow puppets on the tent walls and laughing their heads off… least everyone is enjoying themselves – so much so that Sandra is already looking at the next tent that she wants to buy!
Good fun has been had by all, looking forward to another good day tomorrow – lets hope that the sun stays with us for the rest of the week!!


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