Beachy Head

We drove to Beachy Head today. It was sunny, but also quite windy…….in fact probably a bit too windy to fly our kites! After parking we went for a walk across the cliff tops. The views were lovely and as the sun was shining you could see right out to sea. it was however very windy and I was wishing that I had taken a jacket or a coat but I had to brave the wind instead!
It was really busy as many people had obviously decided to go for a nice walk given that it was a rare sunny day…….it was a great opportunity to clear away the cobwebs – even if we did come back looking a little windswept!
Whilst we were there, there was a police helicopter circling above…..quite sad to read in the papers yesterday that an old man had driven his mobility scooter off of the cliffs just a couple of days before. It’s not nice to think that someone was so fed up with their life that they chose to end it this way. The small wooden crosses and the dried up flowers were a stark reminder that there are many people who, for whatever reason, feel that it is not worth going on……. Kind of puts your own little problems into perspective and reminds you that life is for living and not regretting.
Anyway, on a happier note, we then went off to fly the kites. It was perhaps a little too windy to do this but we did not give up and eventually had them up in the sky and flying high for all to see….. Even if they came back down with a little damage afterwards!!
We popped into the Beachy Head for a toilet stop and decided to go and find somewhere to eat. The Beachy Head Pub was nice, but the menu was a bit limited for the kids so we decided to go and find somewhere else instead. We ended up at a Harvester down in Sovereign Harbour where we could view all of the lovely big boats and warm up a little over lunch.
On return to the camp site, the kids went to play frisbee and then Sarah and I went to fly a kite. This time it was a little more successful and it was soaring high into the sky. This was followed by a game of football between the boys and Matt, and then some tennis and finally some scooting around the site! The kids then came in for hot dogs just as the heavens opened and it started to rain….a short, sharp but heavy shower meant that we had seen the last of the sun and had to say “hello” to the blustery wind.
A quick check around the tent to make sure that it was all secure and then it was time to snuggle up in the warmth of the tent and relax. Whilst I’m sitting he writing this blog, Matt is catching up with Eastenders on his IPhone and Craig and Sarah are sitting quietly entertaining themselves. As it’s getting cold now, we are off for our final trip to the toilet before bed and then we can snuggle up and keep warm.
Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow as we hope to goto the beach and let the boys go fishing…… far, everyone seems to be having a lovely time. The adults are relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet, and the kids are enjoying being children and having fun!!





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