Early Start!

Woke up very early this morning…… 6.10am to be exact! Reminds me of the days when the kids were young. Reason for waking was the sharp, shooting pain down my leg – fairly certain I have trapped a nerve, but a few strong painkillers should sort it out!
One advantage of being up so early is the fact that I had the showers all to myself this morning…..they are always clean anyway, but this morning they were super clean as I was the first to use them! I enjoyed the peace and quiet and having the “bathroom” all to myself- a rare luxury when camping and at home!
After a rainy night, we have woken up this morning with brilliant sunshine….there are a few clouds in the sky but the wind has blown them away and past the field so it looks like another sunny day ahead! Need to make sure that we are prepared today, forgot the suncream yesterday and I am a little red and crispy!
With with the sun shining, we are hoping to go off to Beachy Head today…..Lovely views, a great place for a picnic and the opportunity to fly kites properly with the aid of a lovely breeze right at the top! Of course, the best bit is the pub at the top where we can enjoy a lovely cool drink while enjoying the views……………
People are starting to pack up, so I’d imagine there will be a few empty pitches by the time we come back, but I am sure they will soon be filled again…..we’ll have to wait and see what the new neighbours are like!
Anyway, everyone is now awake so it’s time for me to go and make some breakfast and enjoy another cup of tea out in the sun and fresh air!


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