A bit of a late one for me today as I did not wake up until 7.45! It was a strange night….. A bit cold and windy and lots of strange noises!!! Babies crying, foxes howling and birds squawking…… Oh and my air bed slowly deflating as I didn’t do it up properly!!!!
The weather this morning was debatable with the sun trying to push through the clouds. We decided to risk it and all have breakfast outside- bacon butties today mmmmmmm.
After breakfast and washing up we all showered ready for the day ahead. A trip down to Eastbourne Pier so the boys could attempt some mackerel fishing, a drink in the bar to watch the Team GB triathletes win gold and bronze, some chips coated in salt and vinegar and some warm (ish) doughnuts! The sun is making occasional appearances, and it’s a little breezy. At least it’s not raining!
After lunch we headed up to Bexhill to enjoy the lovely views across to St Leonard’s on Sea and Hastings. It is so quiet and tranquil with just the sound of the sea and the wind blowing across the cliff tops, with the occasional seagull scouting for leftovers! The boys have gone off to the skate ramp on their scooters and are busy mastering new tricks….. and I expect Matt is trying to show them all how it is done as usual!!!!
The quietness here is lovely….. No road noise or sirens, no Phineas and Ferb or Pair of Kings roaring out of the television and the constant “I’m bored, what can I do???” from the kids. This is certainly the way to relax and enjoy life…….










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