The rest of today……

After returning to the tent this afternoon, it was time for games……table tennis, scooting, bat and ball and kite flying. The weather remained nice, so we were lucky!
Group effort to cook tea tonight- pasta and sausage surprise for the kids and chicken curry for the adults…… empty plates all round!
Kids disappeared for a few more games while we did the washing up, then we all sat together chatting about tents, camping, Oliver’s work experience, the horrible smell of minty toothpaste and the weather!
The campsite is pretty full now, and we welcome the arrival of the super chavs……. There’s about eighteen of them all in one tent and they’re noisy all day, and the old couple with their nice new motor home. Not sure who they have with them- think its grandsons, but they are talking (loudly!) about IPhone Apps and which ones they use and don’t…….no problems dropping off to sleep tonight (yawn!). Don’t get me wrong, even though you’re supposed to be quiet after 11pm I don’t mind a little noise, but the constant babble of absolute crap is starting to annoy me!
With all the fresh air, everyone is starting to feel quite tired in the afternoons so we might have a lazy day tomorrow. It’s the Air Show Thursday onwards so we will be out and about then.
The weather is holding its own, and Sarah has lovely pinky/brown cheeks and lots of lovely little freckles on her nose! They’ve given rain tonight but we haven’t seen much of it yet, let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Note to self…… Avoid that last cup of tea if you really don’t want to plod down to the loo once you’re all cosy in bed! Off I go…….



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