Chestnut Meadows Bexhill It’s raining, it’s pouring…..

…..and someone was snoring!!!! After a slightly noisier night, we have woken to the sound of rain. There’s something quite nice about sitting in a tent and listening to the sound of the raindrops pattering down on the canvas- its a bit like one of those white noise cd’s you can buy!
The late cup of tea was really not a good idea last night….. toilet trips at 11.30pm and 3.30am (luckily it wasn’t raining then!) won’t be having one tonight!!!
Lazy morning today as we didn’t wake up until nearly 8am…. Maybe because the sun wasn’t shining and making it light? After a nice up of tea, we had a continental style breakfast of cheese and ham toastie, courtesy of the George Foreman grill…..mmmmmm, lovely! It was definitely a good idea to bring George along- he’s done bacon, burgers, chicken and now toasties, will his talents ever end?????
A little look at my blog statistics shows me that 75 people viewed it yesterday and already 45 today! Than you to Bexhill Town Centre for the RT on Twitter, aiming for 100 views today so if you’re enjoying my blog, please share my links and RT or repost on FB.
Chestnut Meadows is very quiet this morning- guessing everyone is relaxing in their tent and staying dry. None of our tents have leaked- thank goodness, so we have all survived the rain! Going to have to venture out in a minute though to have a shower and get dressed, but it’s only really drizzling now and the sun is trying to break through the clouds.
Not sure what we are going to do today, let’s see what the weather is like once I’m dressed! Hoping the rain goes away for Eastbourne Air Show….. Fingers crossed!!!










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