Early to bed!

It’s been quite a wet day today, with dry spells on and off throughout the day. We sat outside for some of the afternoon, but we also spent a fair amount of time sitting in the tent watching the world go by.
The children played pool and table tennis and scooted around during the dry spells. Sarah has made a friend who she plays with at the park, and Oliver played Craig and Ethan at pool.
We went out late today…. only to pop to the shops to get some bread etc- and a new kite for Craig and a new colouring book for Sarah! We then decided to treat ourselves to a pizza for tea, so came back with a large full house and all the trimmings!!!!
We ate our tea in the tent as it was turning a little chilli, and decided that we could all do with an early night. The children are exhausted after all of the time they are spending outside scooting and running around.
Anyway, just thought I’d update my blog before bed…… Not very exciting today, but hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and we can venture a little further afield. It’s quite noisy outside still, but it is nice to hear the children running around and playing. It’s great that they get to experience the sort of freedom that we did as a child.
Great to see that over one hundred people have viewed my blog today…… I hope you are enjoying it.


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