Rain rain go away…..

You’re in danger of spoiling my holiday!
Now I like the rain, but I’m getting a bit fed up with it arguing with the sun!
Having washed and dried my hair, I had to walk back in the rain….. Good job it is a nice small campsite as it meant only a 100m dash ( those of you who know me will also know that it wasn’t really a dash- more like a leisurely jog (and that’s pushing it!!))
Just came past some poor people who were having to pack up in the rain….. I hate that, everything and everyone gets soaked ( and I mean drenched through….) You stay in your pj’s until its done ,then shower and dress so you go home dry. Then you have to go home and hang your tent up somewhere…… all 7m of it so it doesn’t get damp- its a struggle getting it on the washing line I can tell you!
Anyway, the kids are entertaining themselves….. Amazing what you can do with a camp bed and a tennis ball, and I’m deciding if I want a cup of tea and a Jaffa cake!
The Woods are keeping up with the Olympics on the laptop tv, and Oliver and Mascot are probably tucked up in bed reading or listening to music.
According to the forecast, the weather is meant to change at 2pm, so maybe we can go out this afternoon. Meanwhile, I am going to sit and enjoy the relative quiet and continue blogging….50 views today already!


Have also just made a great discovery…. After doing my make up in the car for the last few days (too much to carry to the showers) I have just realised that if I put my IPhone in camera mode to take a picture of myself, I can use it like a mirror!!! My top tip for today……





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