Hello Sunshine!!!!!

After a misty start, we were up, washed and dressed and ready to go by 10.00am. We drove down to Eastbourne to park and watch the air show. We were very lucky and managed to find a space near the front. We parked in front of a lovely Bentley…….just couldn’t resist a picture!
We left our picnic in the car and made our way over to the seafront. Along the promenade there were many different stalls and activities to keep everyone happy! From face painting to fudge, from men in uniform to T-shirts with silly slogans. There was plenty to do to keep everyone entertained.
As it was early, we took the kids onto the pier so they could go inti the arcades. Craig hit the jackpot and won 100 tickets, so we all had a go to win enough for some prizes!
Next, it was a walk along the front to see what was going on- there was loads to do and see, and I have tried to give you an idea of what we did in the photos! We had a Fanta slush puppy type drink which was fizzy ( and quite strange!) Craig went on the Marines assault course and the Army inflatables, he also took advantage of the free face painting! Sarah sat in the plane and had her photo taken, we saw the owls and hawks, had strawberries and cream, and sat on the hill eating our picnic while watching the lifeboat performance.
Unfortunately, due to the weather being misty/foggy, none of the flights could happen today which was a shame, so we made our way back to our tent just after 3pm. By the time we got back, the sun was shining and this is how it remained until early evening. We sat around enjoying the sun and the kids- along with many others, had a huge water fight with their new water guns! Matt did some washing so we didn’t have loads to take home,then we had chicken wraps and salad for tea.
A good day was had by all, but as the weather has given it to be 26 degrees tomorrow we are going to have an easy day enjoying the sun!





















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