The sun has got his hat on…

Whoo hoo! The sun is shining….. It rained in the night, but the sun is out and the birds are chirping away in the trees. I’m sure the sky is blue, but I’m writing this from my bed so haven’t actually seen it yet!!!

I’ve just discovered that a fly has been in my bedroom all night…..I must make sure I charge him the nightly rate before he leaves….bit of a cheek letting himself in if you ask me!!!!
The campsite is starting to wake up…. I can hear a few people chatting in the distance- give it half an hour and it will be buzzing as usual.
No idea what we are doing today yet, I’ll have to wait until everyone is up. As long as the sun is out, I don’t really mind. The outlook for the rest of the holiday is very good….

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
It looks like Matt is stirring, the snoring has stopped anyway, and I now really must go to the loo….. I’ve waited ages so I didn’t wake everyone up, but can wait no more!!!
Then it’s time for a cup of tea in the sun I think!
Thanks to all of you who are following my blog……143 views yesterday- that’s nearly doubled from the day before! It’s great reading your comments and hearing that you are enjoying it.


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