Wow……amazing morning!

What a way to wake up….. Glorious sunshine and a clear blue sky, who would of believed it!
We all sat outside the tent today and had breakfast in the sun. There was no rush to have a shower as we sat soaking up the glorious sunshine-good job I had some factor 50 with me!
As it started to get really warm, it was off for a shower to cool down, then a spot more relaxing in the sun until lunchtime.

It was really sunny, so some of us moved into the shade……but not me ( a big mistake, as my legs now feel like crispy bacon!). Once it started getting really hot, we decided that it might be an idea to head out for a bit and cool down. I had tried to write my morning blog, but the IPad gave me a temperature warning saying it was too hot to use…….hence the reason for just the one post today.
With towels and swimming stuff packed, we set off for St Leonard’s on Sea. Before we got there, we found a funny little cafe on the end of a road and some beach huts. Driving down the gravel path, we realised we had hit the beach the other side of Bexhill. It was lovely- lots of stones, but loads of beach and hardly any people.
We set out our towels and the kids threw stones into the sea and paddled. I soon joined them and although the sea was cold, it was refreshing……I did only go in up to my knees though as I had not envisaged any beach days given the recent weather, so did not come prepared!!!!
Matt had his fishing rod with him, so went off for a spot of mackerel fishing….but without much luck! We splashed and relaxed on the beach a little longer before Matt went off for another fish. Five minutes later, he was jumping up and down like a kid who had just woken up on Christmas morning! He had caught three fish with his first cast. After dealing with his catch, he put the line in again and caught two more…..and then another, and then some more! In fact, fourteen in total, but he gave seven away and threw the rest back in. The man he gave them to was meant to be catching some for a BBQ with his daughter who was staying at our camp site! He hadn’t caught any, so was very grateful to Matt for letting him have them- he even came to find him when he arrived for the BBQ to say thanks again!
Anyway, Matt’s fishing fantasy filled for another year, we headed back for a BBQ of our own……burgers and sausages followed by strawberries and cream, topped off a little later by marshmallows toasted on the warm coals. These are the camping days that I love, it’s such a shame the British weather doesn’t allow for more of them!
As the evening continued, Matt and I began to feel a little warm in places…….my legs are very red, as is Matt’s stomach, and I look now have lovely white strap marks on my pink shoulders and striped legs! I really must remember to tan myself evenly. Didn’t realise it was quite so hot first thing this morning- had been wearing factor fifty all day!
So, with legs stinging, I am laying as still as possible in bed as every movement causes a degree of pain and a tingling sensation down my shins! Trousers and shade for me tomorrow I think! I’ve also come up in heat rash all over my hands and lower arms which I haven’t had for ages, so I know it has been warm to say the least! My body is just not accustomed to these extremes of weather….
Anyway, pictures to follow shortly……maybe the Air Show at Eastbourne tomorrow and a spot more fishing. The weather is going to be hot again, and it is our last day and evening before we pack up to come home….may even treat the kids ( and Matt of course) to a visit to the ice-cream parlour!!!!


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