Last full day…..

Before we have to start packing up and cramming everything into the car and roof box!!!!
Another good nights sleep, not sure what was going on in the field behind, but there was lots of noise that sounded like foxes screeching at each other- some kind of fight or something!
Woken this morning and all I can hear is the neighbours snoring! It’s so quiet- even the birds are quite quiet this morning. These moments are lovely, when you can lay in bed and just listen to nature! It makes a change from the cars going up and down the road, the planes going overhead and the general noise of living in a busy area in SE London. Sometimes I think I would like to move down to the sea, but then these holidays would not be so much fun!!!!!
My crispy shins are feeling much better this morning, but they are still sore. factor 50 all the way today for me! My heat rash has gone down a bit, but not much…. So I’m going to need to be careful- don’t want to end up covered in it from head to toe!!!!
Matt’s awake now…. His face is quiet brown, except for the Adam Ant style red strip across his nose and cheeks!

He doesn’t read my blog until the mornings- he can’t stay awake long enough for me to finish, so has to catch up in the morning!!!
Anyway, need to go for now as I need to take a quiet stroll to the toilet block…too much info for this time of morning probably, but when you a girls got to go, she’s got to go!!!


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