This is why I love camping!

Been down to the beach this afternoon, kids paddled, Matt fished and I sat and enjoyed the view.


After an unsuccessful fishing stint (it was too windy) we decided to get some fish and chips and sit at the top of the hill at Bexhill to enjoy our tea in true British style….
Bexhill – on – Sea kindly tweeted a nice chip shop, just a shame it was shut because the owners were on holiday! A few tweets later and we had a couple more to consider, but we decided that as they were nearer the camp site we would have pudding first! Lovely little ice cream shop selling homemade Italian ice cream.



We are now sitting looking out at the sea enjoying bubblegum, rum and raisin , mint choc chip, strawberry sorbet, cappuccino and banoffee ice cream…. And they’re all lovely!


Having had pudding before tea, we are now off to get some chips with lots of salt and vinegar!!!


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