Packing up!

As much as I have had a great time and would’ve been happy to stay, our new neighbours mean that I am glad we are going! As well as being noisy quite late into the night, their dog was yapping at 6.15 this morning! If we’d of been staying longer, there might of been a few words…
Didn’t sleep well last night- sunburn still hurting and woke me up every time I moved or turned. Matt and I are just relaxing in bed listening to the sounds of the birds tweeting in the trees whilst the children are still sound asleep.
It’s another hot one today, so for once we can actually pack the tent away in the dry- nine times out of ten it is usually raining, so this is a real treat for us! Matt has got the kettle on for a quick cup of tea, then we need to start packing away and packing up……we need to be off of the pitch by midday.
I’ll let you know how we got on later!




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