Woke this morning to find my FB friends playing the alphabet game with animals……what a great idea and a bit of fun first thing in the morning – what’s next Claire?
Kids and I are off to the cinema today to see Brave – have you seen it? There’s not much else on for us to see as we have already seen Ice Age 4…..which was really easy watching and quite funny. It was a bit slow to start, but soon picked and kept the kids entertained for nearly two hours!
We’re taking advantage of Orange 2 for 1 and O2 priority moments offering free hot dog, popcorn or nachos, so it works out quite a cheap day out! I quite often forget about Orange Wednesdays…..if you don’t have a code, you can always get someone else to text you one!
Anyway, I have one grumpy daughter this morning who is getting the hump over everything……getting dressed her leggings don’t feel right, her socks don’t fit properly, her t-shirt is too tight around the arms and it goes on! I don’t know where this moody phase has come from, but I hope it doesn’t last too long. She has been through half of her wardrobe already. *sigh*
Anyway, the reason for my blog title today is because things just aren’t working as they should be. My Virgin superhub keeps dropping my wi-fi. This has been an ongoing problem for some weeks now, and I’ve had an engineer visit and a new hub and the problem is still there! The response from Virgin was that I don’t pay for wi-fi as it is a free service, therefore I cannot complain or expect it to work…..I should just use the data cable that came with my IPad/iPhone and use an Ethernet cable for my laptop. Really? How about my contract with Virgin finishes in two weeks and I go somewhere else instead!
Second reason – got my son a bike from Halfords for his birthday. He has taken it to his cycling course, only to be told that it has not been built properly….gears aren’t working as they should be, lights are on upside down and in the wrong place and they cannot believe it was sent out of the shop as it was! So now, I am taking the bike back for a service- not to the New Malden branch where they built it….it wasn’t even ready when they told us it would be, but back to the Epsom branch who are hopefully better. It’s going to be great fun trying to get a bike and two kids into the back of my car!!!
Anyway, how has your day been? I’m hoping that it’s better than mine so far, although I am hoping that mine is going to improve this afternoon ( the weather too!)
If you’re a Virgin customer, I’d really like to hear how you are getting on with your superhub as it seems to be quite a common problem!
Well, off to get the bike and kids in the car now….time for the cinema! Enjoy your day x


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