Is it my ears?

I’ve got into the habit of listening to my music before going to sleep…. I know, it’s dangerous to lay in bed with your headphones in, yes- I know I could strangle myself in my sleep…. Fat chance!
Is it my ears or does everyone have problems keeping the tiny little headphones in? There I am, trying to drown out The OH’s snoring and relax before I fall into a deep sleep…. But no, the stupid things just keep falling out! I’ve tried them up the right way, the wrong way, sideways, even in the opposite ears! Relaxed? I get so stressed that they won’t stay in, that I end up cross and contemplating whether it’s the fact that my ears are too small/too big/funny shaped or it’s the ear buds themselves!
My conclusion? I have small ears. No matter how hard I try, the little buggers just won’t fit in…. The buds are just too big for my ears! I never had any problems with the retro style headphones that had little sponges on….. Where can I find some? Answers on a tweet to @jadeano please!
I’m guessing the old style ear buds weren’t that hygienic (especially if you didn’t clean your ears…..eeewwww yuk!) but there was something about the sponge thingy that made them stay in.
So, in short, I am giving up listening to my music before bed until I can find some headphones that fit. Anyone know where I can go to try some for size??????

Update…..look what I found in Poundland! *sigh of relief* let’s hope these foam pads do the trick!!


Or maybe these will work better?



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