Scared? Proud? Sad? How do you feel?

How did i get here? Where has the last eleven years gone? One minute you’re dropping them off at Reception, then next they are off on their own to BIG school!

So, my son was invited to attend a Summer Club for his new secondary school. The first day was yesterday and he was really excited about going. We had planned that I would drop him off in the morning and then we (his Sister and I) would walk up and meet him with his scooter. We’d walk part of the way together and then stop in the park for an ice-cream ( I needed to check he knew where he was going) and then he would go the rest of the way on his own (gulp). This was in preparation for him riding his bike to and from school, the longer term plan! All went well…..I met him at 2.00pm, remembering to meet him up the road a bit as instructed, and waited for him to come out. He had a big smile on his face and was telling me everything that he had been doing – making Angry Birds catapults, completing the Looney Literacy challenge and making cakes….that he didn’t eat all of so he could show me! It sounded like he had really enjoyed himself. But, and there was a but coming….

DS: I burnt my finger Mum! (Now at this point, you must understand that I am a Food teacher.)
Me: What?????? What do you mean you’ve burnt your finger? How?
DS: well, I was taking the tray out of the oven with a tea towel and….
Me: What do you mean a tea towel, where were the oven gloves? Why weren’t you using them?
DS: Mum, it’s fine…’s just a bit sore that’s all, don’t worry about it, I’m not!

Well, that told me. And there I was filled with a huge mixture of emotions all in one go…..sad that my not so little boy is going to big school, scared because I know how busy lessons get and that sometimes accidents just happen and proud because he didn’t make a fuss and was taking things in his stride! I know that I need to back off and stop worrying quite so much, but as a parent you can’t just turn your caring side and emotions off at the flick of a switch. Oh no, this is going to be a whole new learning curve for me. Don’t get me wrong, he has had his independence for a while now….playing out with his mates, going down to the shops, playing tennis over the park etc. but it still does not compare to the feeling you get when they just go off on their own into the unknown!
So, this morning, as he got on his bike and said goodbye Mum, I was left standing on the doorstep filled with the same roller coaster of emotions as yesterday……sad to see him go off to Big School by himself, scared that something might go wrong with his bike, he might fall off or go the wrong way but most of all proud that he was happy and confident and looking forward to another day at his new school! Let’s hope that when he starts in September, the transaction will be a smooth one. A happy son equals a happy Mum – long may it continue!

How did you cope with your child moving on to Secondary school? I would love to hear about your experiences.


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