To blog or not to blog, that is the question!

Ok, so I started writing a blog when we went on holiday just over three weeks ago. Have I enjoyed it and should I continue I ask myself…….well, first of all, it is something that I have really enjoyed doing. It is definitely better use of my time than trawling through FB, and I am keeping a record of the more important things in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, FB is great for keeping up to date with what friends and family have been doing etc, but putting your blog out there for others to see and read, just seems….I don’t know, more satisfying?
And there’s the other side to it too. Since blogging and embracing @Twitter, I am finding lots of people writing about things that I am interested in. It allows me to share other people’s experiences that are similar to mine and I hope eventually that I will have a wider network of people to share and comment with.
Considering that this time last year I was only just learning to Tweet, I am pleased with how far I have come and it has inspired me to carry on. This week I have already contributed to #WordlessWednesday and now #SilentSunday, and joined in with @Britmums with their #snaphappy moments!
I know that I cannot sustain updating my blog on a daily basis so I am going to aim for once a week, twice if I can and even more if eventful things happen! My aim now is to try and comment on other people’s blogs and find new and interesting ways to share my blog with others. I have already linked my FB and @Twitter account this week, so now it’s onto Google+, Pinterest and many more……
I would really welcome any comments or advice from those of you who are already blogging – thank you to @superamazingmum for the encouragement and information already gratefully received!


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    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comments. I experienced similar concerns but discussed some of the issues with my 11 yr old son. He is happy for me to blog about him at the moment and enjoys reading what I write…. Sometimes he even gives me suggestions! If the time comes when he’s not happy, I will respect his wishes. I am always careful about what I write and carefully consider the pictures that I share.
      I’ve been on FB for ages and been Tweeting on and off for the last year although I do struggle to find the time sometimes. As for being boring etc I try and monitor the stats for my site and set myself realistic targets. I have decided that blogging a couple of times a week is probably enough for the moment, so that’s what I am aiming for! I read somewhere that it takes six months to establish your blog, so let’s just wait and see. Good luck, and happy writing. I’ll follow your blog to see how you’re doing too.

  1. The world of blogging is a minefield isn’t it?! I started mine about 5 months ago and have been pretty obsessed with it ever since! Things have calmed down slightly, in that I feel happy only blogging twice a week but I have yet to master pinterest and google+ (that one I just don’t get!) and I still haven’t set up an fb page for my blog….all in good time! Continue to enjoy your new world 🙂

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