Red Hot Shock!

So we got this packet of sweets! We took them out and inspected them…. They come in four levels, one being the least and four being the most. Now for the challenge…. Starting at level 1, we had to see who could reach the highest level. Simple isn’t it? Surely I can hold out against a 6 and 11 year old……wrong! Have you ever had these? OMG!!! They are pure evil, but addictive in a sadistic kind of way…

So, I unwrap the level 1 and off we go. Easy, just like a fizzy jelly sweet until whooooaaa what is that in the middle? Gooey stuff with a sharp and bitter taste but it’s bearable. Son (11) is pulling some funny faces and daughter (6) bails and heads for the bin! Okay Mum, let’s do level 2 he says. We unwrap and place the unknown into the mouth cavity… It’s ok, I can take it. My lips might be turning up at the corners and the explosion in the middle causes me to screw my nose up a bit but I’ve done it! Son is struggling, face screwed up and he is frantically looking around for a drinking vessel! He swallows it, then drinks a pint of squash! Go on then Mum, try level 3…. Not wanting to let my expectant children down I open and place the level 3 monster in my mouth. It’s like sucking on a lemon…… The kids are in fits laughing at what I can only assume are the weird and wonderful faces that my face is inadvertently pulling. I’m struggling to keep my composure whilst proving that I can withstand the sweets that are the fruit of Satan!


You’d of thought that since I had bravely conquered levels 1-3 I would quit whilst ahead ( not sure how but anyway!). I had out sucked my son and achieved something that he didn’t believe that I could do- suffered the shocking sourness of the first three levels!

BUT…. It just wasn’t enough! I now had to prove to myself that I could do it. I could withstand the super shocking Red Hot Shock level 4. Slowly I removed the sweet from the wrapper… I licked it (*sucks in breath*) the kids are shouting words of encouragement – (you’ll never do a level 4 Mum, I don’t know anyone who has). Well, enough said. In it went and it came out again just as quickly! I wouldn’t be beaten, so in it went again staying there this time! I’m glad I couldn’t see my face because I am sure that it only pulled faces that a contortionist would be proud of! It was pure and utter evilness…. So sharp that it was like sucking on the most sour lemon that you could possibly find. My tongue was tingling, my taste buds were shot to pieces but the kids were thoroughly enjoying the entertainment value of a £1 something packet of sweets. I on the other hand, was desperate for a glass of water but proud of the fact that I had done it, I had defeated the level 4 sweet!

My mouth was on fire, my cheeks were stuck in the sucked in position that you only get when you suck a slice of lemon but the kids thought that I was the best thing since sliced bread!
So now, I’m laying down the gauntlet to all of you Mums and Dads out there….. Can you handle the Red Hot Shocks? Let me know what level you can withstand! I’d love to see the photos of your faces as you try each level!


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