Perfect chocolate brownies…..Really quickly!

For those of you that liked the look of the brownies that I cooked last week, here is the recipe for what I think is the perfect brownie! Now everyone likes there brownie a little differently…..I like mine with a crispy top and a soft, almost gooey middle! If you like a drier brownie, you just cook for a little longer.

Now aside from the recipe, the tin that you use is almost as important as the recipe itself! If your tin is too big, they will turn out thin and dry and if it’s too small, they will end up soggy in the middle and really crispy on top! The tin that I use for this recipe is a reactangulare tin that is 26cm by 20cm. The depth is 4cm, and the mixture will rise right to the top so don’t be tempted to use a shallower one.

So, here are the ingredients that you will need:

280g caster sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

40g cocoa powder (Bourneville or Green and Blacks, not drinking chocolate!)

300g chocolate (i use a mixture of white, plain and milk chocolate)

225g plain flour

125ml sunflower oil

3 medium eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

50ml water

(60g nuts (these are optional…I like walnuts or pecans))

Oven temperature is 180c (I use 170c with my fan oven) or Gas 4 (make sure you preheat!)

Now for the easy bit……. I put all ingredients except for the chocolate, into a food processor and mix for a few mintues until you mixed all of the ingredients together and created a smooth batter. (If you don’t have one , you could use an electric whisk instead or mix by hand with a whisk or wooden spoon).

Pour batter into a bowl.

Roughly cut the chocolate into 1-2cm chunks, and mix in with a spoon.

Grease you tin with a some oil and line with baking parchment, or for a quick and easy liner I use the silicone sheets and have cut one down to fit the tin! It is only the bottom that needs lining, but make sure you grease the sides.

Pour mixture into the tin and gently bang the pan on the work top to even out, or spread with a spoon (probably best beacuse then you can lick it afterwards!!!).

Cook in the oven until firm to touch. ( I cook mine for 25 mins but if you like a firmer and drier brownie then you can leave for upto 35 mins).

Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes before turning onto a cooling rack. Cut into squares and dust with icing suger for a perfect finish!

If you have a go at cooking these brownies, it would be great to hear your comments. I added 2 bananas to my last batch and they were really yummy too….why not experiement with the recipe and share you ideas?



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