OSS…. Odd Sock Syndrome

I was sorting out the washing at the weekend when it struck me…..Odd socks! How on earth do we have so many odd socks in our house? It’s got to the point where we have a little Ikea box thingy in a drawer and all the odd socks get sent to coventry! I don’t know where they are come from or on the flip side, where they all go? The washing washing basket is empty, there is not an ounce of washing in the house, and still I have a pile of odd socks that would keep a centipede happy!
So where do these odd socks go? Well, I have checked under beds (my DD throws them there….actually she leaves them all over the place *note to self, teach daughter to deposit socks safely in washing basket*), in socks drawers- they may have escaped and hidden themselves in the undergrowth, in other drawers….just in case they went AWOL, in the washing machine, in the tumble drier and just about anywhere else you can think of. No joy!
Now occasionally I’m lucky and my search is fruitful….I may find one that has managed to squirrel away and hide itself in the bottom of a duvet cover, or a pair that are similar and been matched together, but there are a lot of socks that disappear into the unknown. Sometimes they may only be a few weeks old, so I know that the socks are definitely getting smarter these days!
Look at them all…..

And that’s not all of them!
So what I want to know is do any of you suffer from OSS (odd sock syndrome) or am I alone in this? Even better, do you know how to cure it…….or at least help me cope with it? And what strategies can I put in place to help me deal with it, because it is really becoming difficult to manage! I’m fairly sure that I am not the only one out there who suffers at that the hands of the Odd Sock, so if you have had similar experiences, I’d really love to hear about them.


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  1. We have an odd sock bag and every now and again we go through it and pair up socks. It’s a mystery where they go though the bag is always full lol!! I’ve thought about making sock puppets (baby size) with those I know are destined to be lonesome but not got around to it :))

  2. Ha, not only do we share your OSS, but we also have an IKEA basket full of lonely socks!

    Now, mine can be explained by sock puppets as heaven forbid they’d make two puppets from the same pair of socks?

    The boys however are a mystery. Every few months I have a sock cull, putting the single socks out of their misery. My latest theory is that the AWOL socks return some months later like a Japanese soldier discovering the war was over some many years previous.

    I may be thinking about it a little too much, but I’m glad I’m not the only person thinking about it at all!

    Mark, Sonny, and Luca

  3. It’s great for me to know that I am not alone……weird that I waste so much time thinking about it and worse still that I felt the need to blog about it!!! I guess it’s a kind of therapy…… It does worry me though that some socks have never returned from their tour of duty. I just hope they are in sock heaven knowing that although their time with us was short lived, they were well loved and are being missed!
    Ikea must be making a fortune…. How many more of us have baskets full of socks? Maybe there should be a National Sock Amnesty!!!

  4. You are awesome and definitely not alone!!!!
    30+ years, I have also been a victim to the phenomenon of odd sock syndrome!
    But I have decided,(as I have many other times through the years), that this new year of 2015, I will be a victim no longer!
    I have come to the conclusion that it is not the dryers fault!
    Today I have hunted down all the odd socks in my house…(some of them I don’t even think belong to us), and I am not stopping until they are all sorted!
    I used the term ‘odd sock syndrome’ to explain to my husband what I was doing with this mountain infront of me.
    Then I decided to google the term and found your post and thought it was funny! I don’t usually respond to blogs, (never actually), but I felt you deserved to know that you were not alone . Lol.
    Another sock pet peeve I have is when my husband and kids take off their sock inside out and leave them that way in the laundry for me. I hate this! There is just something really gross (to me anyways), about having to turn someone else’s dirty,smelly and sometimes sweaty socks, back the right way before I wash them. Yuk!
    Anyhow, I enjoyed your post!
    I wish you many blessings in the coming year!

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