Macmillan Coffee Morning

I’ve had an amazing day today!

I was organising a Macmillan coffee morning at the school where I am a Food teacher. We invited parents to come in for coffee and cakes and asked pupils to bring in donations of cakes to sell on the day.

As well as this, I took the opportunity to bring the staff together by organising a cake baking session after school yesterday! I had twenty staff, including the Head Teacher, baking cakes for this very worthwhile cause. We had three levels of competence – beginners making choc chip muffins, intermediates making ginger bang biscuits and advanced bakers making swiss roll. There were lots of staff who don’t cook very often, so it was great for them to be able to come along and cook with help nearby if they needed it! And some of them certainly needed it……..

It was a huge success, and this morning we were ready to go. There were tables and tables of cakes waiting to be sold and parents began arriving at 9.00. It was lovely to see parents interacting with the students who were serving tea and coffee along with slices of cake, and knowing that it was helping a good cause made it even better!

After a very busy morning and break-time, it was back to teaching, and then preparations began for more cake selling at lunch. It was a very busy day, and I don’t think I have sat down since 7.45am this morning, but counting up all of the donations before coming home this afternoon made it all worth it.

We made….wait for it……a whopping £400.31!

This was a huge achievement and a big thank you goes to all of the staff, parents and pupils for their kind donations of cakes and cash, but also for giving up their time for helping to make it happen.

Not only did we make money for a worthwhile cause, but the staff have thoroughly enjoyed it, and are now asking for more cooking sessions in the run up to Christmas!

Feeling tired is nothing compared to what some people have to go through when they are dealing with cancer on a daily basis. I’m sure that we all know someone who has had cancer at some point in our lives and the Macmillan nurses do a fantastic job in supporting both patients and families in order to make the whole situation as bearable as possible.

Nan – I know you would have been proud of me and what I have achieved today. It is nearly eleven years to the day that we lost you to cancer and I miss you as much today as I did then. So all of those cakes that I have baked and sold today (and over the past few years) are in loving memory of you and all of the things that we didn’t get to share. I wish my children had been given the chance to get to know you, but sadly that wasn’t to be x x x



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