Giant Draughts!

We love board games – snakes and ladders, draughts, chess, Monopoly……you name it we like to play it! As the winter nights are drawing in, and the evenings are cold and miserable, there is nothing better than a good game to occupy the kids!

This week, we have been playing Giant Draughts which we ordered from the Big Game Hunters website. The service from this company has been second to none. From the moment that we had placed the order, we received email notifications telling us how our order was progressing. From the order being placed, to it being received at the warehouse, despatched, arriving with the courier… you get my drift! The whole process from start to finish took just five days…and that was with a weekend in between! I was really impressed with the service that they provided.

So what is inside the box? Well, there is information on the website itself, but let me tell you briefly – there is a large plastic mat that is obviously the playing board and 24 counters – 12 black and 12 white. There are also 6 rods that are used to double up your pieces when you get a Queen! I would’ve liked to see some eyelets in the playing mat and some pegs so that it could be pegged down into the grass- a little gust of wind and you might find yourself rearranging your pieces, but this could easily be done yourself, or you could make up some little sands bags to weight the corners down when playing outside! I think I would’ve liked a box that is a little more robust too, as I cannot see this one lasting very long with it being used as regularly as it is at the moment.

The pieces are light and easy to move, and the kids found it a good size to play with!


It is priced at £39.99, which I think is perhaps a little more than the average parent would pay for an outdoor toy unless they knew it was something that their children were going to use regularly. For me, it is probably worth the investment as we all love playing draughts and we can take it on holiday too!
All in all, a great quality item and a fantastic delivery service……they offer a good range of products and I would certainly use the company again! (I’m thinking chess for Christmas!)

Although I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinions are my own and I will always post what I believe to be an honest and frank review of the products that I receive.


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