Princess Recorder……she’ll love it (you might want some earplugs!)

We received this item from Music For Kids and my daughter loved it before she had even opened the box! Although we have the Princess version there is also a Pirate one too, and lots of other fun and interesting ways to learn music!

Pirate Recorder Set

The item arrived very quickly and well packaged. The fact that it had Princesses on the front and was pink instantly won my daughters’ approval! Once she had opened it and seen all of the stickers inside, she was showing off the fact that she had her very own case for it and a book and CD!!!!!

Also inside the box is an A4 sheet that shows the finger positions. Although my daughter liked this sheet, if it had been laminated I think it would have been even better as it is already quite crumpled where she has taken everything in and out of the box several times, but this is a minor point really.


It also comes with a great little book that helps you to learn the different notes……my daughter has already completed the first page (she is 6) and can now play Twinkle Twinkle all in one note – she was really proud with her accomplishment,  I am really pleased that we can now move onto another song!!!!!

There is also a CD that accompanies the recorder. This is an audio CD and allows your child to play along. My daughter thought this was brilliant as she could copy the songs and the notes, but she did say that it would be good if there was someone or something to watch at the same time.

This is what my daughter had to say:

“I love it because it is fun. I love the  colour because it is my favourite – pink! I like the stickers and the singing book has helped me to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

At just £9.99, I think this is great value for money. We have had to buy one from school before that also came with a book, but my daughter was not the slightest bit interested in learning to play that one! Needless to say, she has hardly put this one down……, where’s my ear plugs???????

This product was sent to us for the purpose of this review, however all of my opinions are my own (and in this instance my daughters!). Whenever I am asked to review a product, I will always give an honest and frank opinion, discussing both the positives and the need for improvement (if necessary) as I think that this makes it beneficial to all parties.



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