Pop Party 10 – the one party you won’t want to miss! (…and you can win a copy here)

Okay, so my daughter is six and loves music – particularly Justin Bieber and One Direction, but she is also partial to Jessie J, JLS and many more. Her older brother (11) , is also music mad and can name almost any current tune in approximately 10 seconds! We listen to KISS FM, and in the mornings my son has his TV on and set to the music channel. My daughter on the other hand is usually found listening to her songs on the Ipad or plugged into her Ipod before she goes to bed!

So, as you can see, we are a musical house, and although Dad listens to classics from the 80’s (no comment), we all prefer music from the 21st century and can often be found bopping (old word I know but what is the current one……street dancing? Bustin’ some moves?) in the living room with the music on loud so that we can’t hear ourselves sing (that’s a good thing by the way……best to drown out my voice!).

This week, we have been listening to Pop Party 10. Now, I am always cautious of albums with titles like these, but on this occasion I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did both of my kids loves the tunes on here, but I did too! Dad even liked a few of them and there was even a couple that Nan had “heard of!”.

Pop Party 9 sold a fantastic 322k in 2011 getting to #1 in the compilations chart.

To start with it had an impressive line up……not only was there Justin Bieber (Boyfriend), One Direction (What makes you beautiful), Jessie J (Domino), JLS (Proud), Rizzlekicks (Mama do the Hump), but there was also PSY (Gangnam Style) which resulted in fits of laughter and all of us bouncing around the living room like a bunch of lunatics!

Both of my kids loved all of the songs on the CD – and with 22 of them to listen too, they have chosen a fantastic collection! There were one or two that they were not as familiar with as some of the others, but none that they wanted to skip because they didn’t know them!

The retail price varies quite a lot for this, but I found that it was only £6.99 in Sainsburys………. a fantastic price for a great combination of songs! The fact that it comes with a bonus DVD and the lyrics to the songs, makes it an even more attractive buy……. My daughter loves it and it is well worth the money! I know when her friends come over she will be wanting to listen to it with them, and this is just the job for a birthday party (…..and her’s is coming up soon!)


If you like the sound of this CD, why not take the opportunity to win one for yourself?

I am lucky enough to be able to offer one of these as a competition prize……….in order to win, just comment below telling me about your most embarrassing singing/dancing moment – perhaps you were caught singing Chesney Hawks at the traffic lights, or were pulled onto stage to sing along with your child doing Big Fish, Little Fish! The entry that makes me laugh the most will be sent a copy of the CD…….

Ends Friday 9th November 2012
My decision is final and no cash alternative will be offered!

We were lucky enough to be sent this CD for the purpose of this review. All opinions offered are my own and I will always offer a frank and honest review of the product. If you would like us to review a product on your behalf, then please get in touch at mumsmoments@yahoo.co.uk


8 responses

  1. On a training session for my first ever job, the icebreaker was to tell everyone what we would have been if we weren’t in that job. I said I wanted to be a singer. They then got out a new invention. The first karaoke machine. I had to sing “I will survive” to a bunch of strangers, one of whom was my boss, in a conference room, wearing a suit, sober. I win hands down, right?

  2. Aha – love this comp. I’m the queen of embarrassing moments. Here we go. My worst party moment was when I was dating a guy a while back and we went to watch the New Years Fireworks at the Embankment. I needed the loo so popped into a nearby pub. When I came out of the toilet I couldn’t find my guy. I spent ages walking around trying to call him on my phone but the network was busy as so many people were trying to call their loved ones. I ended up spotting what I thought was my man and snuck up behind him and put my arms around his waist. I planted a big kiss on his neck and gave him a squeeze – only to discover this was a random guy and not the man I’d came with. Hs wife was none to pleased 🙂

  3. Very recently, I was singing/whistling along to Flo rida ( or whatever he is called) *can you blow my whistle baby* which is such a catchy song. Anyway, pulled up at the lights, whistling like a loon and looked across at the car next to me where a HOT DILF was also whistling along!! WE both blushed and drove off!

  4. That’s easy my best friend still hasn’t stopped laughing at the last time we had freezing weather when I decided to go and do a bit of dancing on ice in the middle of a quiet and super iced over road. I had one of those loooong comedy falls where you keep hoping you’ll regain balance – nope, ended on my butt!!

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