#project365 3/12

It’s been a strange week this week and there have been times when I had nearly forgotten to take a photo, but fortunately I did remember!!!
Our week in photos went like this:
On Monday I decided to make some banana bread. I used half of the amount of sugar and served it with squirty cream (well, it’s all air really) and so this was a healthier snack – pudding Monday night and then in the lunch boxes during the week.
Tuesday was a busy day! OH and I both had meetings so didn’t get in until late and then daughter had Rainbows- it was her last week so she was flown over the rainbow and onto Brownies!
Needless to say it was too much for the OH- he fell asleep on the sofa and snored all the way through Holby. I hate it when he does that, why not just go up to bed!!!! So annoying.
Wednesday was a lovely day. I only work half day and I was given a card from one of the boys I teach. I had only taught him for 7 weeks and he was saying thank you for teaching him to cook and telling me how he had been cooking for his family with the recipes that I had taught him. It was lovely to receive- to know you have had such a positive impact in a really short space of time. It’s the little things like this that make my job worthwhile!
This next picture is a bit of a strange one…. It is my big fluffy cat called Tom. He is really more like a dog than a cat and he is lying here, sprawled out on the sofa for his tummy to be stroked! His is a very good natured cat and likes to lay like this in your arms, a bit like a baby. He’s great with the kids and they love him.

As for the rest of the week, on Thursday we cut open my daughters Princess Doll birthday cake. She wouldn’t let us have any before then…… Good job it was a Madeira cake and would last! It was lovely, the chocolate buttercream went well with the sponge but you could only have a sliver as the slices were so big. The next two photos are from Friday- my son was sent home from school early because of the snow, and he was playing in the snow ( by himself!) in the garden when I got home. Although he is now 11 and at Secondary school, it was lovely to see the little boy again rolling in the snow and making snow balls. I watched him from the window for a while without him knowing- it was lovely watching him laugh and chuckle to himself. During the afternoon, we decided to make some snow marbles. We have filled balloons with coloured water ( a bit tricky, but we put the food colouring in the balloon and then put the balloon over the tap) and then we put them outside to freeze over night. We can’t wait to see how they turn out!

And today, we had some fun in the snow!

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31 responses

  1. That princess cake looks so yummy its making me feel so hungry now. My hubby falls asleep pretty much every night at the moment its drives me mad listening to him snoring while I’m watching telly.

  2. firstly i had to laugh at your description for tuesday about your hubby snoring throughout Holby City (I like that too). My OH does this most nights when he is home and i think just go to ruddy bed!!!!
    i have seen a lot of pics of these snow marble i am curious about them i bet they looked amazing x

  3. Ah a sight I am very used – the other half asleep on the sofa – this is a daily occurance in our house! I suppose you cant blame him after a day on the farm! I don’t think they ever grow out of snow play – two of mine are now at secondary and they love a snowball fight as much as the others!

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