#project365 4/52

It’s been a dreadful week! It started with me feeling full of flu, spending a lot of time feeling sorry for myself and dosing myself up on as many medicines as I could! They didn’t help much so when a friend recommended nasal spray, I have it a go….. It did help!
Then my daughter was ill, so had a couple of days off of school- we kept ourselves busy by trying out new hair styles- this one was her favourite!
This next photo might be mistaken for a half drunk cup of tea……. This is actually what my OH considers to be a full cup! It’s not that I’m ungrateful, but it was cold and I felt poorly and I have nice big mugs because a like a decent cup of tea- I’m sure he only did it do I don’t ask him again.

As the week went on things did improve a bit, but there was lots to do! I made the most of being at home with a poorly daughter and since she was relaxing and watching television, I got on with some marking- I had 60 sets of these to get through. Then encouraged by Mum being up the table, my daughter wanted to make and colour. She made me this lovely card- the words written made me feel very special, especially as I wasn’t feeling 100% myself, it really cheered me up.
My MIL has been in hospital having an operation, so the end of the week has been spent going backwards and forwards to the hospital. She came home today, so we all had fish and chips for tea followed by these lovely heart biscuits…. They were filled with jam and buttercream and were a very welcome treat after a very long week!!!


How has your week been? Why not join in with @theboyandme and see if you can take a photo everyday for a year!
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