Back to the tent for last time :(

So, after picking up some fish and chips, we headed back to the tent for tea. We were very lucky today, as while we were on Bexhill beach we were lucky enough to see a number of the planes from Eastbourne Air Show. We have had a lovely week with The Woods, and it’s a shame we have to go home. I could quite happily stay for another week- weather permitting, but too much to do next week! My car needs an MOT for starters……


Having packed a lot of the clothes etc this morning, there’s not much to do tomorrow except to take the tent down and squeeze it all into the car… And when I say squeeze, literally it is rammed in- if I remember I will take a photo tomorrow. There is just so much stuff to take ( or maybe I just like to camp in comfort!!!! )
Having arrived back this evening with our fish and chips, we had new neighbours. Three families that had come together. In a bid to create lots of space between their tents for the children to play badminton (with a proper net) etc they had pitched about 3m over our pitch which meant that there was no room for our car. It didn’t matter as we could park the other side, but the warden has told them they need to move their tent in the morning- they’re not best pleased as they have everything set up, but it means that new people arriving wont have enough space!! They are also very noisy and not very friendly…… Of course I feel really sorry for them having to move their tent…..NOT!
Anyway, I have really enjoyed blogging this week and creating memories to keep and to share with the kids. We’ve had lots of fun on the beach, toasting marshmallows, flying kites, having scooter races etc and we’ve all had a great time.
It has been lovely to see so many people following my blog……maybe some of you may now be inspired to keep your own holiday diaries this way? I’m thinking that I might continue when I get home, but will have to come up with something interesting to blog about. I know it will be a great way to showcase all of the cakes that I make, so I might even have two!!!!
I hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as we are, let’s hope that the weather continues for another week or two………


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  1. the beauty of blogging is that you get to record an online diary for the future. Once you’re established, you then get lots of opportunities…free holiday for starters!!!!!

    DM me if you want any more info, it’s addictive!!

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