It’s just too hot!

Ok, so we moan when it’s raining and now I am moaning because it is too hot! Currently chilling in the bedroom of my tent because a) it’s quiet b) it’s the coolest place to be in right now and c) my sunburn is sizzling every time I go outside!
When I went down for a shower this morning, it felt like someone was just pouring boiling hot water over my legs and shoulders……I have covered myself in factor 50, but it is sooooo warm and I just cannot withstand the tingling feeling as the sun crisps my legs a little more! So, I have come inside.
There is a lovely breeze today, so although it is hot, it is cool when the wind blows. We have decided to goto the Air Show a bit later, and then up to the top of Bexhill for fish and chips this evening. The kids are scooting around the site ( really? Is it never too hot for scooting?…) and have just returned from the shop with a lovely cool Slush Puppie……. I love them, raspberry was always my favourite, along with lemon and lime- what was yours? It’s such a shame that not many shops do them now 😦
Anyway, have started to pack some of the clothes and bits and pieces so we can take our time putting everything away in the morning. It’s too hot to be rushing around, so doing a few bits today will make it easier.
Best be going know……. Everyone wants to know where I am and what I’m doing!

Faint flip flop mark and Olympic Team GB toes!!!

Camp bed and a blow up bed….. My camping divan lol!

Kids just waking up….

Getting read to make breakfast



2 responses

    • I had a camp bed and stuck an air bed on top! It was so comfy and much warmer as I was off the ground! Only been blogging for a week and live it already!

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