…. When I get rudely awaken by the dustmen!

I hate Tuesdays! Why do dustmen have to be so noisy? Don’t get me wrong, our dustmen do a brilliant job….they take all the rubbish, they even clean up after themselves, but is it really necessary to be so loud? My dustmen shout to each other across the road and down the street, they sing at the top of their voices and it always seems to be outside our house! I suppose since they are up so early, they forget that other people are still asleep, but I was always taught to be considerate to others – I used to go to work at 5.30am and would leave the house and go off in my car as quiet as possible. Unlike the person over the road from me who gets picked up by his friend every morning……his friend who insists on tooting his horn at 7.20am rather than get out of his van and knock on the front door. I guess some people are just not as considerate as others, but my kids will be raised to hold doors open, give up their seats for the elderly, and generally be thoughtful and kind. There is no bigger compliment than another person telling you what lovely polite children you have- it means that I am doing my job as a parent properly.
So, morning rant over, Sarah is up and watching kids tv, Craig is still asleep but needs to get up as he has his cycling course in half an hour…..they changed the time yesterday as there was only 3 people in the afternoon session. It suits me better really as it means that after 11am we have the day to ourselves to go out and have fun!
I need to go shopping this morning, again, forgot washing up liquid and toilet paper yesterday- how could I forget the basics? I’m thinking that today we goto Sainsbury’s so that Sarah and I can pop into Starbucks for a coffee…and maybe even a croissant for breakfast! A little luxury on a day full of chores and housework – washing needs to be done ( yes more of it ) need to dust, Hoover and wash the floors too and then as I’ve been given some cooking apples and some blackberries, I am going to make a pie or crumble. What the rest of the day brings who knows-Sarah is desperate to go out on her bike and wants to goto the park….let’s see if the weather holds out.
A huge thanks to all who have been following my blog, 92 views yesterday which is pretty impressive. It would be great to read your comments, if you have any…….why not share your thoughts, suggestions etc at the bottom of the blog? I know one or two of you have been inspired to start recording your own events since reading about my holiday – I’m looking forward to following your blogs and finding how life pans out for you!




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